Hi, my name is Mary Sparks and I live on a 40-acre farm with my husband, David Sparks. We have many animals that keep our lives busy and interesting; it is Never A Dull Moment (NADM).

I started training dogs in 1983, beginning in AKC Conformation with Great Danes. Along the way I discovered Obedience. I put a Breed Championship on my First Great Dane Callie, an Open Obedience Title (CDX), a Temperament Test Title (TT), and Therapy Dog Certification. We had been trialing in Utility when one night she bloated and died. I have had several Great Danes and couldn't handle them dying at such young ages, I decided to try another breed. I got a Portuguese Water Dog, then added a Vizsla, and next a Jack Russell (my son didn't want anymore). I had a Meat Goat Business and couldn't handle 300 - 400 goats. So, I bought a trained Herding Border Collie, and that was the best decision I could have made. I couldn't have run the farm without John.

Having titled dogs in the Working, Sporting, Terrier, and Herding groups, I decided I would title dogs from all 7 AKC Groups. I have reached that goal, achieving titles with these breeds: Working-Great Danes and Portuguese Water Dogs, Sporting-Vizslas, Herding- Border Collies, Terrier- Jack Russell, Hound-Miniature Dachshund, Non-Sporting-Lowchen, and Toy-Chinese Crested, Powder Puff.

I have loved and learned a lot from training my different breeds, attending seminars, participating in training camps, and helping people train their dogs as well. In addition, I have hosted seminars and NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) Agility Trials in the past. I received my training certification from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), graduating from the inaugural group. I've already begun my next chapter by hosting Barn Hunt Trials and North American Dock Diving Trials. Check my Calendar for event dates. I will also be starting classes and private lessons in the above sports.